Meet our Chef's

The highly experienced Chefs of Antica Restaurant, take extra care on preparing your dishes everyday using fresh ingredients and authentic Italian recipes. 

They put their passion into your plate and they achieve a great result to make your dining experience exceptional.  

Luca - Our Chef

Luca realized his passion for cooking at the age of 14. He was attending a cousins party and instead of celebrating he found himself helping in the preparation of food. Professionally, he started cooking back in 1998 after completing his chef courses, but during his studies he was practicing on restaurants. When he came to England he realized his passion and love for Italian cuisine. He quoted that he rather enjoys cooking Italian meals because he loves the magic in simplicity it can offer and also the use of fresh ingredients. After working many years for other big restaurants such as Acqua and Jamies Oliver he landed to Antica Restaurant where he found a home. A place were he can be creative and prepare wonderful dishes especially for you. 

Jimmy - Our Chef

Jimmy is our Chef. He is the mastermind behind all these great dishes prepared everyday at Antica's kitchen and served to your plate. He carefully checks every days deliveries to ensure all the ingredients used to prepare your meal are fresh and of high quality. He can only accept the best in order to produce the best outcome for you to experience a fine dine experience. 

The rest of Antica team

The Antica Restaurant team is always here to accommodate you and make your dinning experience something to remember. Our friendly and highly experienced staff will welcome you when you enter the restaurant and put their best effort to accommodate all your needs and requests. Ask them anything, they will be happy to assist you and ensure you will enjoy your time at the restaurant.